Saturday, February 4, 2012

A New Year & New Offerings

Please bear with us, we are making site changes to accommodate new articles, books, features, critiques, and what have you. The description on the site are not yet quite right, a few things mis-tittled but it will all work out wonderfully well, we have full confidence.

We have been involved in some very interesting and remarkable discoveries involving the Stratford Shakespeare Memorial Epitaph plaque and its inscription. Within days, that will be all properly available to read. This involves the Final Report on the Miller Report Due Diligence on David Roper's book, Proving Shakespeare which has been featured on the site for some time. Now, dramatic and near-unbelievable conclusions!

We may have discovered potential elements of a fraud involving Shakespeare's epitaph, going back to the early to mid 1700's. It's all involved in trying to track down an alleged cipher that was implanted into the epitpah memorial, according to the mathematician, David Roper, who claims there is virtually no possibility of an error to his discovery. Readers can decide for themselves.

Moving on from that, we are soon to post a whole book of poems purpored to be by Ignoto (alias Edward de Vere). This project has been long in the mill, for over a decade, and is sure to raise eyebrows, daggers, praise, or vituperation. So, let it be. Additionally, the reader will find (posted over the next week) analytical works on Elizabethan poetry and the mystery story of the search for Ignoto, the same as The Outlaw, Anomos, the same as Edward de Vere.

Also, we begin with this new posting with an etymological elementary derivation of San Ts'ai Chi Tao (The Principle of the Three Powers)--this, to kick-off serialization of my work, over many decades, into ancient Chinese logic and philosophy and the development of new logical systems for the New Age World.

And, certainly, I shall be putting out more poems, from earliest to latest times.

Please, participate if you wish. We are attempting to make the site more "user-friendly"--so chime in, protest, agree, question or as you will.

Eric Miller

P.S. For my own sanity, my next posting will be a poem.