Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Freud's Murder Remembered: John Freud's Birthday, August 13, 1855:

Ever since officially documenting, apparently for the first time, John Freud's (officially, Johann Freudt's) true birth date in 1982, I have, in my way, commemorated his birthday on August 13th of each year.

Official records available in my book (see, www.passionformurder.com ) show that Johann Freud (the Czechs spelled Freud with a final "t", "Freudt") was born on August 13, 1855. My research also authenticated that Johann's famous half-brother (nominally his "nephew") was not, as all the thousands of psychologists, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, biographers, and Freud himself and school records had it, on May 6, 1856, but rather March 6, 1855. The fact makes Sigmund's birth more than two months too soon as Freud's mother was married to Jakob on July 29, 1955--days, incidentally, before John was born).

Under the weight of the facts of the case, it is our position Freud's mother was impregnated, not by her husband, Jakob, who was some 20 years older than herself, but by Jakob's eldest son, Emanuel, who was about the same age as Freud's mother, Amalia, and a social contemporary. Indeed, at the time of Sigmund's birth, Emanuel was already married, and had a baby (i.e., Johann) nearly 7 months old by his own young wife, Maria. Jakob married Amalia to give Sigmund's illegitimate birth the semblance of legitimacy. Emanuel was forbidden by bigamy laws to marry Amalia, even if he wanted to. It is worth nothing that shortly before Jakob's marriage to Amalia, his own previous wife of some years "mysteriously disappeared"--with no record of her death and with fraudulent official attestations by Jakob about the fact that he even had a wife at the relevant period.  Even Freud "believers" have speculated that Jakob might have been the cause of her "disappearance"--never to be heard of again.

In any case, it was in 1982 I first contacted the then Communist (technically Socialist Republic) Czechoslovakian Embassy in Washington, D.C. and made a special request to obtain birth date records of Freud family members in the little hamlet of Fribor, the one-time home of the Freud clan before their breakup with emigrations to Vienna, Austria and Manchester, England. Actually, it was necessary, for the Czechoslovakian government to arrange a special research effort be launched to obtain the records. The Senior Czech Ambassador was unexpectedly helpful. Relations between the U.S. and Czechoslovakia were still politically strained. No one apparently had ever obtained the official birth records before I arranged, and paid for, researchers to go to Fribor to obtain then. The information was a crucial part of my research on my expose of Sigmund Freud as a serial killer.

The importance of John Freud, Sigmund's half-brother, to my research was simply the fact that I had deduced from Freud's writings and independent biographical studies, that Johann (John) was most probably Freud's first murder victim. The murder took place while Sigmund was on a vacation trip to Manchester, England, where Emanuel Freud and his family had emigrated. It was in the summer of 1875, when Sigmund was 19 and John was 20, or about to turn 20 within a matter of days.

How Freud had murdered John, where, the circumstances of the murder, and the pre-and post murder evidence will be disclosed in detail in forthcoming works soon to be available in eBooks and/or hard bound volumes. They will be made as inexpensively as possible to allow for the greatest number of people, interested in such things, to have the information available to them.

Whether there actually is an extraordinarily high probability that Freud murdered his half-brother, John, (a probability beyond, it is claimed, "reasonable doubt") each reader can decide for themselves. The reader ought keep in mind, of course, that, by definition, a serial killer must kill a minimum of 3 people, with a "cooling off" period between each murder. So, John is only the first. But, the "first" is, to serial killers, often their "prototype"--they murder over and over again the same "image" which is pathologically seated in their minds and imaginations. In Freud's case we have to deal with at least some 5 known or highly probable murders.

The relevance of Freud as a murderer culturally continues to this day, despite the fact that the "reign" of Freud is virtually almost totally eclipsed (save in certain circles of  the now defunct "science of psychoanalysis" and/or in certain forms of Jewish culturalism which has at its heart a "religious veneration" for Freud as the new "Moses"). Freud as a serial killer is still a matter of importance to the world, however, and in particular, we observe, it should be to America where the Cult/Con of Freudianism was aided and abetted through a propaganda campaign to the extent of extolling him as "one of the greatest men to have ever lived." In reality, Freud, with his hatred of his own Jewish people, his lust for murder, and his megalomania, more resembles Adolf Hitler than any good-spirited ordinary person--"most people," Freud wrote secretly to a friend are nothing but "trash" and could be "gotten rid of if one wished." Even Hitler, I think, would not have dared to disclosing in writing what was really in his heart! Ironically, Hitler, professed himself to be a Christian, whereas Freud, an avowed atheist, accused the Jewish people genetically, en mass, of murdering Moses and having to pay for that crime!

But, here we pause to remember Johann Freud. His "mysterious disappearance" (immediately after Sigmund's murder of him in 1875) cannot make us forget him. Sigmund Freud, in one of his Serial-Killer "game-like" confessions to the murder of Johann (serial killers love to confess to their "trophies"), plays-off a word game of his own invention about Johann in Latin. It is to be found in his famous confessional "dream book" Die Traumdeutung (The Interpretation of Dream). Regarding Johann he wrote of him that he was "non vixit". Non vixit, in Latin, means "he never existed"--not "non vivit", he no longer lives." The "joke", of course, is, if he "never existed" Sigmund could never have murdered him! Get it?

Well, we do get it, we get it that Sigmund murdered John and the whole confraternity of Freudians psychoanalysis have been (some wittingly, some not) giving their most heroic effort to conceal the facts of his diseased mind and spirit from the public--by whatever means necessary (concealing of evidence, corruption of text, manipulation of historical data, outright lies, etc.).

To her great credit, Sophie Freud, Freud's granddaughter, an internationally distinguished Professor Emerita, in the MSW field, and a great student of Freud biographies, who has studied virtually every main biography on Freud, has fearlessly recently stepped forward to publicly face the facts of who her grandfather really was. She honors her Great Uncle, John Freud's life, by conceding that Grandfather Freud murdered him.

To see her amazing comment on this matter, see my website www.passionformurder.com. .  

More later.