Thursday, April 5, 2012


Happy Easter!

At last the new Edward de Vere poems are posted at We have already posted the Complete Poems of Ignoto/Anomos. Supportive analytical commentary has already been posted, with a lot more of it to come. The additional new supportive evidence will be "up" in about a week and a half. We are still combing the text for the inevitable errors in transcription and will have a fuller unvieling soon.

Additionally new fare will be added to the menu, including new poems, articles on ancient Chinese philosophy and our effort to create a new logical "paradigm. Also, we expect to post some new dramatic works.

The "new" find of de Vere's group of poems which I have entitled In Prison Pent, was first published in the most famous of all Elizabethan collection of poems, A Poetical Rapsody in 1602a couple years before Lord Oxford died. It is bound to create a literary sensation (unless everyone is brain-dead) in Shakespearean and Oxfordian studies. The public, and disinterested analysts, not self-interested Stratfordians or Oxfordians, will ultimately decide for themselvess if they really constitute "Shakespeare" poems. The poems are, in any case, amazing.

For now, please be patient, avail yourself of what's already posted and offer your remarks if you are so inclined.

This is April. One of the things I enjoy about having my Blog with my website is I can share, now and then, another poem. The one below is contained in my The Marie Sonnets, posted in my Poetry section. It was written about 1994.

Lilac Memories

When in the April of my life there bloomed
The greenest graces of my budded leaves,
Tho' singing suns and fierce rains resumed,
I weather'd and wonder'd all that life concieves.
Then in proud breath of beauty's freshest air,
I gazed upon the world and found it good;
And in my heart I felt the strangest stirr,
As tho' some magic had possessed my blood.
Then all creation seemed as some great prize
Which I had won; all that I saw was mine,
A miracle beyond belief's surprize,
Beyond my life, the braveries of Time:
    A melting thrill ran down my spine as tho'
    I were myself the sun's dissolving snow.

(some slight changes from the printed version)

So, again, Happy Easter, and return often.

Eric L. Miller