Sunday, March 17, 2013

VELIKOVSKY SPECIAL and Coming Attractions

Readers, we will soon be posting, if there is reader interest, additional new material on the subject of Immanuel Velikovsky and his works. If any reader finds material at this site which they challenge, please let us know. If the case is good, we will make necessary corrections.

Please stay tuned, more information will soon be posted here at this blog. As one whom Velikovsky counted amongst his personal friends and personally encouraged on many fronts, we are in a position to make some unique contributions to the history of the "Velikovsky saga."

Some 100 pages of correspondence between Velikovsky and myself will be found at the Velikovsky Archives site at Princeton University. More material exists which, for one reason or another, was not included in the collection. Additionally, numerous personal conversations with Velikovsky were contemporaneously recorded by me in paged and hard bound Journals--these recordations provide rich material for various details which may be of interest to the scholar or person of general interest.

If the reader finds at this site remarks or information they believe to be inaccurate or simply wrong, we will upon confirmation of errors, correct them. Velikovsky counted this writer as a personal friend and encouraged me to make my views public. He used much of my material in his book Mankind In Amnesia and even encouraged me to publish my works before his own--as he himself stated that I had insights and knowledge that went beyond his own. This fact is proved by the correspondence at Princeton University.

The reader may contact us at the below email address. Nothing of a respondent's communications will be published at this site without their explicit approval in writing. No email address will ever be used to solicit anything nor will it be shared with any other entity.

Give it a try, reply. Correct us or query us about any related matters.

Eric Miller