Saturday, April 28, 2012

What do April 28, 1583, April 28th, 1603, and April 28, 2012 Have In Common?

On our site we have just posted new evidence that Shakespeare's Sonnet 107 was written on or about April 28, 1583. Over six years ago, I had published my findings that Edward de Vere wrote Sonnet 107 at the time of the Firey Trigon, when an arrangement of the heavens, was supposed to cause the End of the World. Only a few weeks ago, we published here the second part of that story, with new evidence showing that Queen Elizabeth herself was in fear of her death, and terrified, as was much of Europe over the predicted End on April 28, 1853 at 12:00. (See "the Mortall Moone & The Firey Triogon--now posted).

On April 28th, 1603, Queen Elizabeth's funeral was held. The official funeral materials for the Oration and Elegy were stated to be "Written by: Infelice Academico Ignoto." Over a decade ago, I identified this Ignoto as Edward de Vere, and the fact that he had written the Queen's Oration and Elegy. Many key Oxfordians were noticed of this but remain silent and hide from these discoveries.

On April 28th, 2012, we publish here today, a new discovery of "Four Additional Poems Of Ignoto On Queen Elizabeth's Official Funeral Procession." Two of these poems were in the original documents I used for my discovery, but I did not know it, because of confusions in the record. With the help of another poet, I became aware of the fact that there was more than one part to the documents I had; it was in two parts!  Of these new "Ignoto" poems, two of them were included in the original proceeding and two others were separately published.

As I, and a great many other people, now believe, Edward de Vere  used the nom de plume of Shakespeare; he also used the name of Ignoto, so we also commenorate this date by publishing Ignoto (The Complete Poemsincluding In Prison Pent.

Today, April 28th, 2012, is a good day, as Edward de Vere finds proper credit for his work for Queen Elizabeth's funeral, and we have accomplished all in time to publish it to the world, this day in commenoration of that great event.

April 28, 2012