Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Beginnings Coming

A series of unavoidable events have prevented us from making a final edit of the site and posting new material. All this we hope to recommence about the first of the year. Two new books of poetry will be featured, as well as commentaries on various issues and subjects. Please contact the site, if desired.


P.S. some very early poems, just grabbed from the poetry bag.

Journal:  April 24, 1971


The kiss you gave me
When my heart was sad,
Left me still as lonely,
As if it were never had.

Perhaps it’s true my darling,
That I blame you for too much;
But how lonely is my yearning,
And how absent is your touch!

We've had our trials, true;
And, at times, it’s hard to know,
If this pain I feel with you
Will lessen soon or further grow.

This, then, is my confession:
My love, though troubled, is so true,
That, through all of this confusion,
If you want, I’ll stand by you.


Though the times are ever changing,
And every dream seems washed away,
Though love is always searching
By giving you’ll find your way.

Spare not your love
As you listen to the rain,
Though all the seasons are crying of
This love so full of pain.

Like the silence of the desert,
Or the lonely sound of rain;
Like some special thing that’s lost,
I’m moved to sing your name.

O, darling girl, I see you,
Life’s trials mark your face;
Many nights I held you,
Many fears we had to face.

You said you wanted something new,
Another life to start;
You said you wanted something new,
With that you broke my heart.
Through many streets I've wandered
And of all the things I've dreamed,
Your love is most remembered,
Remembered as it was, or seemed.

O, darling girl, I miss you,
Sometimes I need you so;
But your love it wasn't true,
And so you had to go.
You hurt me at you will,
And took my love for granted;
O, darling why’d you kill
The very thing you wanted?

In the rain I hear you calling,
In the movement of the trees,
At night when stars are burning,
When autumn stirs dead leaves.


Song of Nefertiti

The sun is setting;
O river, bathed in flame,
How I love the evening
When he comes to me again!
How cool the air is streaming
In silence my soul is steeped
How I love the evening
When all the world ‘s asleep.

Soon the stars will shine
In blazing worlds of light,
And that man will soon be mine,
In deepest dreams of night.

A silver moon is rising,
The heavens are decreed;
And in my heart there stirs a yearning
For all the love I need.